Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kissimmee, Florida. Temperature this morning was very cold, about 30 F, and it was windy. By late afternoon it reached about 60 F in the sun. We decided to have one last visit to the Magic Kingdom today, but boy, was it ever COLD! And BUSY! It is a long weekend here, President's Day, and the park was very crowded, lots of kids! We took the ferry across the lake to the park entrance, then showed Rob and Emily Don's stone in the Walk Around the World, then went into the park. We took the train around the park, and Rob and Emily went on the Tea Cup ride again. Then we all went on the Haunted Mansion ride again. Rob and Emily had funnel cakes, and we lunched at Columbia Harbour House because they could do gluten-free food for me. It was very busy too. All the rides had very long waits, so we shopped Main Street and saw the daytime parade. We came home for dinner, intending to return to the Magic Kingdom for the night-time Spectro Magic parade, but Rob and Emily went swimming in the heated pool, and we decided to catch up on the laundry and pack up for tomorrow's departure. We watched TV after dinner to relax. Pictures are: Rob at Don's stone, Crystal Castle at Arribas for $37,500, Rob & Emily on the Tea Cup ride.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kissimmee, Florida. Temperature today reached a high of about 50 F, and it was raining cats and dogs! In the morning, Paul & Rob accompanied me to Lake Mary to where Don used to live. The complex is now a different name, but oddly the pass code to open the gates has not changed. We walked around a bit, over to the pool and to the dock where Paul used to fish, but were not there long. I am very thankful to Paul and Rob for coming with me, they are absolutely the best! After lunch, Rob and Emily went shopping at the mall and Downtown Disney. Paul had a bit of a nap while I made reservations to camp Sunday and Monday at Disney's Fort Wilderness again. Then we went to Celebration (the Disney residential community) where I was happy to find that the "Soft as a Grape" store is still there, so I was able to buy another hat from them. Then Paul & I went to the grocery store, came home and I made dinner for us. Rob & Emily decided to order from Outback again (because they can't get it in Canada anymore). Weather permitting, we plan to go to the Magic Kingdom again tomorrow. Photos are: "Soft as a Grape" in Celebration, cats relaxing looking out on the pool, Celebration Market Street.

Kissimmee, Florida. Temperature Thursday was cold again, slightly warmer than Wednesday. We were going to go back to the Magic Kingdom, then decided against it in favour of resting and relaxing. Paul went to get an oil change on the RV while the rest of us went back to bed! After lunch, Rob & Emily went to Downtown Disney to shop, Paul slept, and I relaxed. We had takeout from the Outback for dinner (except me of course), which everyone enjoyed. I looked forward to watching the first show of the new Survivor in the evening. Weather prediction for Friday is cold and rainy. Paul & I are thinking we might start our journey back to Canada on Sunday since there is just no warm weather to be had here. Photos taken by Emily are from the Lion King show that we saw the other day at the Animal Kingdom.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kissimmee, Florida. Disney's Animal Kingdom today! Very cold temperatures, about 40F when we got up. then only about 50 or 55 F at the highest. I wore a T-shirt, plus a hoodie, plus my winter coat to the Animal Kingdom, it was THAT cold! When we got home, Jim, Michelle and Alicia Hill came to visit and have dinner. It was great to see them, we had a wonderful visit and look forward to seeing them again, maybe in Canada next time! Photos: Rob & Emily at the Tree of Life, the Parker and Hill families, Louise & the Tree of Life, Paul, Lou & Rob at the Animal Kingdom, Animal Kingdom entrance.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kissimmee, Florida. We had planned to go to the Animal Kingdom today, but the weather forecast was for rain & thunderstorms, so we decided to wait till tomorrow for that. Instead, we took the RV to Camping World for maintenance, and went to an outlet mall for a few hours. We picked up the RV when it was ready, then relaxed for a bit. Paul & I heated up leftovers for dinner, while Rob and Emily decided to go to the Outback for dinner. We plan to have dinner with Jim, Michelle and Alicia Hill tomorrow, so are looking forward to that. There is no rain in tomorrow's forecast. Temperature was about 70 F today.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom! Mouse House! Temperature today was about 65 - 70 F, but chilly at times in the shade. We finally made it to the Magic Kingdom, and had a great time! We ran immediately to the Haunted Mansion, and went through it twice as is customary. Next was Pirates of the Caribbean. We grabbed a quick lunch, then we went to the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, and on to the the Mad Hatter Tea Party Tea Cup ride. We saw the Carousel of Progress, rode the People Mover, then used the train to make our way back to the main entrance. We came home for about an hour and a half to change and decompress, grab a bite, then went back to the park for the Spectromagic night-time parade. We saw the fireworks as we were leaving, then came home, had a swim and a snack. Great day for everybody! Photos are: Spectromagic night-time parade (2), Rob & Emily as Pirates, Rob & Emily on Tea Cup Ride, Paul and the Queen of Hearts, Cinderella's Castle.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kissimmee, Florida. Sunny day, temperature about 60F, but chillier at times in the wind. We went to the Disney Character Outlet Store before lunch. After lunch Rob & Emily went swimming while I chatted online with George and my friend Grace. Then we went to Downtown Disney, took a short boat ride from the West side to the Marketplace, where we shopped for a bit. We came home and cooked dinner, and are relaxing watching the superbowl and making phone calls. I spoke to Jim Hill this morning and plan to call him this evening to make plans to get together. I am really looking forward to that. Tomorrow we plan to go to the Magic Kingdom (Mouse House!) Pictures are: Rob & Emily with mouse ears, Rob in front of the Legos (Soviet Union) at Downtown Disney, Rob & Emily at Downtown Disney.